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What Is CFP Certification Course?

CFP(Certified Financial Planning)Certification is the leading Certification globally in the field of Financial Planning. It is popular in more than 26 countries across the world. For those looking for a career in the financial services sector, CFP Certification provides a definite edge over other candidates and widely respected by consumers, professionals and industry.

CFPCM certification is the highest level of certification worldwide in the field of Financial Planning with over 1,71,000 CFPCM certificants and widely respected by consumers, professionals & industry. Our Certified financial planner course prepares you for this certificate program.

The CFPCM certification training is built in a way such as to impart knowledge of how to frame financial policies with regard to cash control, lending, and borrowing. It lets students understand the best possible utilization of scarce financial resources at least cost, in order to get maximum returns on investment.

  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is world’s topmost program in Personal Finance & Financial Planning. Its like the CA in the world of Personal Finance & Investment Management.
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFPCM) certification is an International Mark of Excellence granted to professionals specialized in Personal Finance.
  • Offered by Financial Planning Standards Board, USA , CFP certification is the only globally recognized symbol of excellence & Gold Standard Certification for financial planning.
  • Certified Financial Planner (CFP) is a Global Certification Valid in 27 Countries across the world.
  • CFP is a unique 4-in-1 Program which means that within 1 Program, you get 4 Global Specialist Certifications in the areas of Personal Finance.

What is a Financial Planner?

A Financial Planner also referred to as a Personal or Certified Financial Planner is a qualified financial or investments advisor. They provide their clients with professional advice regarding investments, insurance, tax, wealth management, and retirement planning. A financial planner gives an advice to an individual’s concerning the management of their finances, and work for a firm or independently.

Earning potential and Job Roles for CFP:

After the completion of the CFP course, CFP graduates can find lucrative and highly paid job opportunities. The average salary one can expect to earn as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in India is around INR 3.99 LPA which increases with experience and expertise.

The career prospects and scope for CFP jobs are diverse given their availability in a variety of sectors. Both the private and the government sectors provide ample opportunities for CFP scope in India. A variety of sectors provide career opportunities to graduates of the CFP course such as finance consultation, investment, banking, risk management, relationship management, office administration, portfolio management, etc. Students are trained as professionals to handle the various challenges in each of these sectors related to the course. Mentioned below are some of the popular job roles available to candidates:

  • Private Banker
  • Investment Advisor
  • Financial Manager
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Data Analyst
  • Bank Manager
  • Asset Management Analyst
  • Fund Accountant
  • Research Analyst

Benefits of CFP:

Most Recognized qualification in the field of Financial Planning & Wealth Management. Improves career progression as most banks become universal banks and expect you to have knowledge of mutual funds, insurance, taxation besides core banking products.Boost your own advisory services since CFP communicates credibility

And knowledgeCertified Financial Planner is the most desired and respected global certification for those seeking to demonstrate their commitment to competent and ethical financial planning practice. Candidates having CFP certification get enhanced career and employment opportunities with financial services companies. They can work in banks, distribution houses, insurance companies, equity brokerage, and financial planning firms,etc.

Curriculum of CFP Course

CFP Program Fees

When you pursue CFP Program, there are 2 types of CFP Fees involved. They are :

CFP Course Study Fees

Beyond the Basics: Data Analytics and Visualization for Accounting Professionals

CFP Course Study Fees

This is the CFP fee that you pay to CFP education provider (ICOFP) for teaching you the CFP Course content, providing your CFP course materials, giving your CFP Classes, preparing you for CFP exams & all the CFP Study support that you require. This is paid to International College of Financial Planning (ICOFP) and is paid in Indian Rupees (INR). You have the option to join the CFP Course Level wise and hence pay the CFP Study Fees level wise or alternatively you can join the complete CFP Course Study in one go and by do so you save more than 30% on your CFP Study Fees.

CFP Course Fee varies depending on whether you are opting for CFP Classes in Classroom mode, Online Live Classes or Pre-recorded E-Learning mode. CFP Course Fee for Class Room mode is INR 52,500/- only where as for Online Live Classes it is INR 42,500/- and for E-learning it is INR 32,500/- only.

Here is a CFP Course Level wise fees break-up as well.

CFP Program Board Fees


CFP Program Board Fees

These are the CFP fees which are paid to Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), USA directly. These CFP fees are for various things such as registration, online content, examination, certification etc. Since the CFP fees are payable to USA based FPSB board hence fees are paid in US Dollars ($) at the moment and are broadly for 5 things :

Registration Fee (Total $165)

When someone wants to do Certified Financial Planner (CFP), one has to register with FPSB USA initially. The CFP program registration fee is $165 and is a one time fee applicable to all the levels (1 to 4). So you wont need to pay the CFP registration fee separately but this is valid for a year only.

Content Subscription Fee (Total $300)

FPSB has some online content for each level of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) course which is mandatory for everyone to subscribe too. Though it’s an e-book which you can’t save, download, print or book mark but still you have to pay the content subscription fee to FPSB. This is paid for each level one by one separately as you move level by level in the program. For level 1 to 3 the content subscription fee is $60 for each level whereas for final level it is $120.

Examination Fee (Total $305)

FPSB conducts online proctored examination for each level. You have to register for exam one by one as you move along the CFP program. For level 1 to 3 the CFP Examination fee is $61 for each level whereas for final level it is $122.

Project Assessment Fee (Total $55)

In Level 4 of CFP Program, you have to complete a project which is assigned to you by FPSB. The CFP project is a one time activity during your program. You complete the project and the same has to be submitted to FPSB for assessment. When you signup for the CFP project, you have to pay a Project Assessment Fee of $55 to FPSB.

Certification Fee (Total $100+$120)

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) being a unique 4-in-1 program, you get 4 Global certifications from FPSB USA. Upon passing Level 1,2 & 3 you get Specialist Certification for which when you apply for certification you need to pay a Certification Fee of $100 (combined for all three specialist certifications). When you complete all 4 levels and claim your CFP Certificate / Charter Membership, then you need to pay a CFP Certification Fee of $120.

All the above FPSB Board Fees are payable in parts & on breaks as your move along the program. You don’t need to pay the full fee one time , rather you pay the fee level by level separately. Since all the fees are paid in USD ($), hence you must get international payments enabled on your Card in advance to be able to make the fee payments.